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Bridging the Gap Between Electricians and IT Teams

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When looking at the right contractor for your technology project, there is an unforeseen gray area between your electrical contractor and your IT team. Most electrical contractors do low voltage cabling, but since they are not installing the electronics in most cases, the point at which their work stops and the next vendors work begins creates gaps in the completed work. The gaps will become costly change orders regardless of which vendor does the work.

Now, IT companies sometimes try and do cabling, but they don’t really do it well because they are typically not trained or licensed to do electrical work which includes low voltage. The bigger problem here is that for whatever reason, these two contractors NEVER talk on most projects.

This is where we come in. We understand the IT world AND the local electrical code. We work with both the existing IT team, and the existing electrical contractor to make sure all the points where technology crosses between vendors is addressed. We live in the gray area, and we stay in the gray area, until it is no longer gray. We focus on the services listed below and maintain our expertise in those areas only. You won’t see us fixing laptops, or installing lighting fixtures, we stay in our lane.

A good portion of the work we do comes directly from IT companies, because they know they can trust the network infrastructure we build for them will be done correctly, code compliant, and to their specification.

IT Infrastructure

We build rock solid IT Infrastructure including everything between the jack and the rack.

Integrated WiFi Systems

We have tons of experience here and build awesome systems where others have given up.

Door Access Control

We help make sure the right people get in and the wrong people stay out.

Security Cameras

We take the extra time to do it right and ensure that your system is secure.

In-Building Cellular Repeaters

We can improve or eliminate weak cellular signals or dead zones in your building.

Audio Visual

We design, procure, and install state-of-the art audio visual systems sure to turn heads.

Point-to-Point Wireless Bridges

We have emergency systems on the shelf ready to go if a fiber link between your buildings gets damaged.

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